March this year was undoubtedly a very bad month for Polish entrepreneurship. 48 624 entrepreneurs suspended business activities and finished 11 1180. "Avalanche, yellow card for the anti-crisis shield" - such comments appeared in the data from CEIDG. However, we will only see the consequences of the epidemic and freezing of the economy for micro-enterprises in the coming months.

Data for March do not yet fully reflect moods. In March the economy was just closing. In the first decade it was still functioning normally. From 1 to 10 March, 6054 operations were suspended, 6160 were completed, 6338 was resumed, and 10 665 were founded. The largest movement in CEIDG brought the end of the month. The last 10 days of March are 28 432 suspended activities and 3124 completed.

This is not only the effect of the impending crisis and the lack of revenue opportunities in many industries. It is also the effect of the end of the month when it is the best time to suspend or close the business. Such decisions were made by entrepreneurs who did not see benefits in the shield, but also those who simply did not cling to business. The events of March could simply speed up these decisions. For comparison - in March 2019, 9293 activities were suspended in the last 10 days and 4240 were closed against 4674 and 4499 respectively in the first 10 days.

However, it cannot be said that there were no brave entrepreneurs who were implementing their plans or simply saw the opportunities in the crisis. In the last 10 days of March, 2694 activities resumed and 2972 were founded.

The total number of micro-enterprises in Poland, according to the Central Statistical Office, is 2 146 019 in total, including 1 522 355 are micro-enterprises to 1 working person. Suspended activities accounted for 3.2 percent microfirm up to 1 person in total.

In Poland, about 1000 companies are created every day. In March 2020, the number of new companies obviously also decreased significantly, but not much there. In total, according to COIG, 23 249 companies started their operations last month, compared to 32 807 a year earlier and 28 160 in February 2020. Much smaller fluctuations were recorded in the National Court Register. In March 2020, 4316 entities were registered there compared to 4961 a year earlier and 4945 in February 2020.

The data for March do not therefore fully reflect the mood of entrepreneurs. We will see this only in the following months, after their completion. From 15 to 21 April, more operations were resumed than suspended, as well as new and closed. Certainly, for the time being, one should not talk about panic, as it was in the case of stock indices at the end of February and beginning of March.

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