On Sunday, Italians closed factories whose production is not of strategic importance to the economy. This is another preventive measure that aims to stop the spread of COVID-19. Polish industry will feel this badly.

Work on the anti-crisis shield to support companies is coming to an end. There is no doubt that it will be needed because the situation is changing dynamically. Friday brought a decision to introduce the state of the epidemic in Poland. Who can switch to remote operation mode? The industry tries to maintain production by introducing appropriate procedures and informing contractors about it. The Italians' decision to suspend production activity that is not of strategic importance for the whole country on Sunday may have a significant impact on the activities of exporters and importers. Even those who do not trade directly with Italy. The ostrava chains can be broken again.

Polish exports to Italy are worth PLN 43.2 billion (total share in Polish exports is 4.6 percent). This market is particularly important for the Polish Automotive sector. We mainly sell parts and accessories, vehicles and other means of transport there - according to the data from InfoCredit. In turn, imports from Italy to Poland amount to PLN 42.8 billion (5 percent of the total). Polish automotive industry also has a significant share here.

The latest InfoCredit data shows that nearly 4500 Polish companies are actively exporting to Italy. It imports nearly 5900 companies from Italy. For comparison - in the case of Germany, our main trading partner, is 10009 and 9393 companies respectively.


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