April did not bring another wave of suspension of economic activity by micro-entrepreneurs. At the end of the month, CEDG traffic was high, but requests for resumption and establishment outweighed suspensions and closures.

In the last decade of April, CEIDG received 9,295 applications to resume operations and 5,772 to suspend. 4,619 applications for business registration and 2,829 for closure were also submitted. Let us remind you that in the last 10 days of March it was much worse. At that time, 28 432 activities were suspended and 3124 ended against 2694 resumed and 2972 new ones.

Given the last decades of months this year, March was unique, but heavy traffic in CEIDG was also recorded in January. At the beginning of the year, nobody expected an epidemic. Only the first, disturbing information from China reached Poland. Despite this, as many as 12,844 micro-entrepreneurs decided to close their business in the last decade of January (8,699 new businesses were opened). 6374 was suspended and 4036 resumed. The system was heavily loaded in the last decade of February. 10,187 small businesses were closed and 8,225 new ones were opened. 5211 suspended and 4964 resumed.

Today, there is no panic among micro-entrepreneurs. On the contrary - in the last decade of April, most were those who see their chance at self-employment. This may be due to a change in form of employment to self-employment to reduce employer costs. However, we will see this in the coming months. For now, it is difficult to talk about constant trends, because the situation is strongly variable, and subsequent changes in the so-called "Anti-crisis shield". There are also further proposals for state aid. Micro-entrepreneurs are constantly analyzing the situation and wondering what will be more profitable for them at the moment: suspension of activities and payments at the Social Insurance Institution, using the shield, or looking for new customers and business opportunities.

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