InfoCredit became the official partner and sponsor of the film "Lost Urzecze". This is the first document that tells about the land that once stretched along the Vistula River from Saska Kępa in Warsaw to the mouth of the Pilica River. Director Adam Rogala and cinematographer Wiktor Strumiłło committed their own capital to tell a story about the former granary of Warsaw, the people who nourished the capital and contributed to its economic development.

Few people remember about Urzecze, after regulating the Vistula River. Only a few mention this land as flowing with milk and honey, in which the local community managed to farm - Hollanders, Polesians and Eagles, i.e. rafters of the Vistula. We owe the development of Urzecze to the Olęders - newcomers going up the Vistula River from northern Poland, who in turn came from Friesland and the Netherlands. They were free farmers. They leased wastelands, areas that were flooded sometimes by the Vistula River several times a year. We owe them to bringing raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and currants to Urzecze.

Thanks to the technology they brought to the Vistula, their yields were many times higher than those obtained by serf peasants. They also introduced new building technologies to minimize the effects of floods. The Olęders consciously settled south of Saska Kępa, so that it would be easier for them to sail to Warsaw with a load. History was not kind to the Dutch. They were expelled from Poland right after World War II.

- We decided to support the film as the first sponsor and partner, because we were captivated by this story. Together with Adam Rogala and Wiktor Strumiłło, we want to save Urzecze from oblivion. At InfoCredit, we share the values of the Vistula hosts from years ago. It is entrepreneurship, innovation, specialist knowledge and, above all, freedom and tolerance. The Olęders were free people, they invested the money they earned, they surrounded themselves with books - says Iwona Surdykowska-Huk, owner of InfoCredit. And he adds that especially today, when we are absorbed in everyday matters, it is worth recalling stories that are a source of inspiration, hope and motivation to act.

- Urzecze owes a lot to the Dutch. The local farmers learned the art of farming - land and crafts from them. Drainage of wetlands and use of fertile mads applied by the Vistula River so that the fields produce high yields. In the field of craftsmanship, the Hollander shared with the indigenous people of Mazovia, for example, the art of barrel making. They were a model of diligence. Such a host worked even during a chat with a neighbor - he trimmed bushes or repaired tools. I was fascinated by their persistence and tenacity. After all, it happened that the floods that haunted Urzecze took the landlord's entire property, because the house and buildings along with the property were kidnapped by the Vistula River. And they still had the strength to start life from scratch - says director Adam Rogala.

Wiktor Strumiłło, the cinematographer of the film, emphasizes that the vicinity of the navigable river was favorable to the Dutch: - In the pre-embankment era on the Vistula, there were no easy access roads to the outlets. So it was easier to get to Warsaw along the Vistula, which became the highway at that time. Raftsmen, who can be compared to truck drivers, used to swim on it. Urzecze became a granary for Warsaw, grain, vegetables and fruit flowed to it. Bulky and simply delicious. But also the building blocks for the developing city - stone, gravel and sand. The more persistent Hollanders even went to Gdańsk with their goods. From there, they brought home furnishings - furniture, appliances, such as grinding and coffee making devices, unknown to their neighbors.


The authors of "Urzecze" plan to distribute the film more widely, prepare an English and Dutch version and present it at Polish and international festivals. We encourage our partners and clients to support this initiative. Together we can save a beautiful story.

About the movie

"Zaginione Urzecze", prod. 2020. Directed by Adam Rogala, photos by Wiktor Strumiłło, music "KAPELA ZE WSI WARSZAWA", winner of the 2018 Fryderyk Award for the music project RE: AKCJA MAZOWIECKA. Film patron: InfoCredit


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