Transparent rules of the game in today's business are a guarantee of global success. The MTP Group and InfoCredit, a partner of the Exhibitor's Zone website, have been promoting the idea of ​​transparency for years. That is why we share reliable online business data and analyzes with you.

Exhibitor's Zone website provides the ability to constantly check data on competing companies. Exhibitors have access to information on contractors during or soon after the fair. Thanks to the reports available on the website, they can see how industry leaders or competitors are doing. They can also check the financial condition of current and potential suppliers or recipients.
Company data and industry analyzes are provided by InfoCredit, a partner of the Exhibitor's Zone website. InfoCredit is an independent and the oldest Polish business intelligence. It has been operating on our market since the beginning of the 90s of the last century. Since then, it collects, processes and analyzes data on Polish and foreign entities.
- For foreign companies looking for suppliers in Poland, knowledge about a contractor is a business canon. Credibility tests have been conducted there for years. In recent years, a lot has changed in this respect in Poland. It is credibility that determines the amount of trade credit or the rules for insuring receivables. Increasingly, detailed information about Polish business is also sought by institutions testing the credibility of Polish companies applying for foreign public procurement. Only companies that have a good rating can be invited to submit offers. We provide such data not only to Polish entities but also to foreign entities - says Iwona Surdykowska-Huk, president and founder of InfoCredit.
InfoCredit has a unique database on the Polish market. There are over 100,000 financial statements alone from the 90s. Thanks to this, we can present the development history of many Polish companies that have been the pillars of the economy, practically since the time of transformation. The InfoCredit databases contain not only detailed financial data, but also information on owners, operations, EU projects, fleets owned as well as import and export. The combination of this data is useful for creating detailed analyzes, including for transfer pricing documentation.
Access to two free company reports and industry information via the Exhibitor's Zone website is possible after logging in as part of the registration package. Reports are in the download tab. Exhibitors also receive special prices for subsequent, packet orders for company reports.
The creators of the Exhibitor's Zone website have also developed a set of modern tools that allow MTP exhibitors to present themselves not only in Poznań, but primarily on the Internet. In the Exhibitor's Zone, after logging in, you can arrange all formalities related to the exhibition at the Poznań fair and order additional services, including promotional ones. Our website also facilitates access to information about products and services to selected, strictly profiled target groups and decision-makers in companies. We invite you to cooperation:
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