The wood and furniture sector has had some really good years behind it. Revenues in the industry increased, as did profitability. The companies invested a lot in the automation of production processes. Today, some threats are visible on the horizon. What awaits the industry in the coming years? We'll find out about this during the September DREMA, Furnica and Sofab 2019 fairs.

The production of furniture and wooden products is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Polish industry, with total sales worth as much as PLN 95 billion (data from 2018). Exports estimated at EUR 11 billion constitute a very large portion of sales. On the other hand, Polish companies operating in this area are beginning to feel the effects of depletion of production capacity reserves and staff shortages. There is more and more talk about the economic slowdown in Germany and the European Union, i.e. our major trading partners. According to the latest data from the website, a 6-year boom in the woodworking machinery and equipment sector is beginning to end.
Automation of production and modernization of the machine park can be the answer to the sector's problems. We will see the latest solutions and technologies of tomorrow in September, during the block of DREMA / FURNICA / SOFAB 2019.
An analysis of the results and indicators of the exhibitors participating in the DREMA, FURNICA and SOFAB fairs in recent years shows that there is something to invest from. Industry, among others thanks to contacts established in Poznań, it developed dynamically, and Polish companies are more and more important on the international arena - according to the information of InfoCredit, a company dealing with data collection and analysis, a partner of the trade fair website Exhibitor's Zone. The revenues of the manufacturers of woodworking machines and tools have been steadily growing in recent years, as has the profitability of the industry.
InfoCredit, especially for the magazine "DREMA / Furnica / Sofab News", has analyzed the results of the 10 largest manufacturers of sawmill products in the last three years. The sum of revenues of this ten increased by almost 20 percent, to over 1.7 billion PLN, and the balance sheet total by over 40 percent, to 1.6 billion PLN. The revenues of the leader are approaching PLN 500 million, and companies number 10 in this ranking amount to almost PLN 80 million. On average, companies from the top ten in this industry realized sales for nearly PLN 150 million. Eight enterprises from the top ten are companies with only Polish capital.
The data also confirm that the constant presence at the Poznań trade fair helps to increase the scale of the business. InfoCredit constantly observes the results of a group of 5 industry leaders regularly exhibiting at Dremie and accompanying fairs in the last 4 years. Total revenues of this group increased by over 70% during this time.
Polish companies from the industry are increasingly willing to establish foreign contacts and decide to expand. In recent years, both import and export of carpentry machinery from Poland have grown. The value of carpentry machinery imports to Poland in the last two years has increased from USD 203 million to almost USD 250 million. In turn, exports increased from USD 115 million to USD 165 million.
Of course, Germany is the main Polish trading partner in the trade in joinery machinery. The economic slowdown observed in our western neighbors may therefore disturb the industry. It is comforting, however, that Polish companies are constantly looking for new markets and more often outside Europe.
The export of carpentry machinery to Germany increased last year from 65 to 92 million USD, i.e. by as much as 41.5 percent. Until recently, our eastern neighbors, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, were next in this ranking. Currently, the US has moved to second place (increase in exports by more than 47 percent), and China is fifth.
The MTP Group together with InfoCredit provide companies presenting in Poznań with constant access to industry analyzes. You can also check the financial condition of current and potential contractors. Reports are available after logging in. Enjoy:
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